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If you are seeking a professional license, if you need to ensure you stay in compliance with the requirements to maintain your license, or if you face complaints or disciplinary action, the Raleigh lawyers for professional licenses at Clifford Law Group can help you. We are experienced in administrative law, and with the legal issues surrounding professional licenses - particularly for medical professionals, like doctors, nurses and pharmacists. We can work with government agencies, general counsel or outside counsel to seek resolution for your licensing matter.

Professional Licenses in North Carolina

There are several different types of professional licenses a person can obtain in North Carolina. In many cases, the state has set up specific agencies and boards charged with the regulation of these professions. The boards and agencies are often responsible for determining standards for these professions, granting, denying and revoking licenses, conducting disciplinary action and hearing any appeals of those actions.

Obtaining Your License in Wake County

To obtain the license, professionals must show they meet the requirements of the regulatory body that licenses them. This could mean showing certain educational attainment, passing exams, showing references and completing background checks.

If your application is denied, there is often an appeals process where the decision can be reviewed and overturned. A Raleigh licensing attorney can review the decision, advise you on what options you might have, and may be able to represent you in front of that regulatory body, arguing why your application should be accepted.

Once you obtain your license, it's often necessary to maintain the license. Many professional licenses have requirements that the licensee attending continuing education classes and seminars to keep up to date with the field. An attorney can assist small businesses with licensed professionals in ensuring that all professional are in continued compliance with these regulations.

Disciplinary Actions for Raleigh Professionals

If you hold a license, you may, at some point, face disciplinary proceedings. Disciplinary proceedings may occur due to many factors. Many come from clients or patients who accuse the professional of ethical breaches or incompetence, such as sexual indiscretion. These might be clients or patients for which you fully performed your duties and violated no ethics, but the client or patient is unhappy with the results.

Disciplinary proceedings may also occur if you are accused of not complying with regulatory requirements. In some professions, if you are charged or convicted of a crime, or if you do not disclose the fact that you are, you may face disciplinary action.

Consequences can be dire. Disciplinary proceedings may result in a public reprimand that potential patients and clients might see. Your license could also be suspended or even revoked, leaving you without a career.

In most cases, license holders have the opportunity to have an attorney represent them before the regulatory body making the decisions. An attorney experienced in administrative law can review the rules you are alleged to have broken and the accusations against you. Your lawyer can argue why the allegations are false, and/or why you should be permitted to keep your license.

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