Khanh Pham

Khanh T. Pham

Khanh T. Pham is an attorney and advocate first admitted to the practice of law in the State of Texas nearly ten years ago. His practice areas include all immigration-related matters, family law, probate, contract, corporate law and real estate transactions. Khanh handles many of the firm's court proceedings in federal immigration court (immigration court is a federal proceeding that often extends well past the borders of the originating State, so his good standing with the Texas Bar allows him to practice all across the country, although he now mainly practices in Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, and North Carolina). In as much, he has represented clients in countless immigration cases, such as bond hearings, immigration trials (removal proceedings), asylum requests, cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, TPS (tenporary protected status), NACARA and any other forms of relief available to his clients. Khanh's knowledge and legal prowess in the courtroom have resulted in immigration court victories for his clients across the United States - from Texas to Illinois, and from California to North Carolina.

In his corporate/labor certification practice, Khanh has represented Fortune 500 companies such as FUGRO and SABIC in obtaining nonimmigrant visas for the company’s employees and their dependents. These include the applications for H1-B and H-1A visas, H2-B visas, J-1 visas, L-1 visas, L-2 visas, O visas, P visas, and others. In one of the many ways our firm's practice areas support and supplement one another, Khanh works closely with Clifford Law Group partner Veronica Clifford, as she works to obtain professional licenses for her overseas clients as they enter to work, study, teach, and train in the United States.

In addition to removal defense and nonimmigrants visa work, Khanh also represents clients within the firm's family-based immigration division, working on spousal and family petitions such as an I-130 (and subsequent asjustment of status I-485), fiancé K Visas, and U Visas for victims of crimes. Khanh worked previously with Buddhist and Catholic charities, as well as a local university helping students obtain a valid I-20, TOEFL exam, and F1 visa status. Once again, due to his previous ties to the University system, Khanh provides valuable assistance and information on partner Nick Clifford's student conduct cases for international students, and our American students who participate in Study Abroad programs.

Khanh is fluent in English and Vietnamese, and is proficient in Spanish. Since Khanh is an immigrant himself, he knows the hardships and hurdles that an immigrant must overcome to realize the American Dream. As such, his aspiration is to lend a helping hand to his clients, and to stand by them to navigate and to advocate on their behalf. When he's not in a courtroom, airport, or the office, Khanh loves to spend time cooking, being outside, and spending time with his two young sons. Contact the Clifford Law Group today, and set up a time to speak with Khanh. You'll quickly understand why clients, other attorneys, and Judges alike refer to Khanh as one of the most friendly and knowledgeable attorneys in the business.

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