Khanh Pham

Khanh T. Pham

Khanh T. Pham is an attorney admitted to practice law in the State of Texas since November 2008. His area of practice include all Immigration-related matters, Family Law, Probate, Contract, Corporation law and Real Estate Law. He represented clients in immigration removal proceedings including bond hearings and have won cases in front of Immigration Judges throughout Texas, Illinois and California. He represented Fortune 500 companies such as FUGRO and SABIC in obtaining nonimmigrant visas for the company’s employees and dependents. In addition to Removal Defense and Nonimmigrants visa work, he also represented clients in Family-based immigration cases from family petitions to spousal petitions. Since he is an immigrant himself, he knows the hardships and hurdles that an immigrant have to overcome before realizing the American Dreams, and as such, his aspiration is to lend a helping hand to his clients to navigate the puzzle that is Immigration Law.

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